Monday, September 28, 2009

The moment to say "goodbye" to Vinny came last week. It was not expected, but I was totally unprepared. He had been sick for about six months but you would've never known. Vinny was handpicked from a liter the weekend after I graduated from the police academy. His mother was a loving cat and Vinny turned out to be the most awesome cat on the planet. Everyone who met him thought so. The Vinnymeister filled many moments of my life with love and laughter. I will always miss him.

Friday, September 25, 2009

On midnight shift I have a lot of time to think- sometimes too much actually. There aren't many moments that go by that I don't miss my Pop. When I was sitting on the beach last week missing him (he loved the beach and I got to tag along with the grandparents on their beach trips) or when I see something that just reminds me of him- he's always there. Those moments use to make me sad, but I have appreciation for them now because there are those who have never known a grandfather's love and support as I was able to. For that I will be ever greatful.

Ms. Ginny Watts
aka "Monkey"

Trying something new

I sit here typing with a dog in my lap. Ginny refuses not to be held and I am not a good one armed typer. It's one of those moments that would normally irritate me to no end, but then she looks up at me. Ginny can't see anymore- she has run into the wall five times already today. She is fourteen in diva dog years and I have been blessed with my little money pit for five years. So I accomodate bringing the laptop to me and raising her up just a bit...isn't that what life is sometimes about-accomodating others and appreciating the little moments such as her eyes pointed in my direction?