Friday, January 15, 2010

So How Are You?

When you're eight years old the world is your oyster.  Life is good.  No worries really. At eight I was a goof- still am somewhat today.  That goofiness, sense of humor or whatever you want to call it has gotten me through a lot.  It still sustains me. I was asked today if the house was done and then how I was doing.  "Yes," I said to the house and then I paused and really didn't know what to say.  And for those who know me, yes, that is hard to believe. I am in a holding pattern for now.  The realization of a relationship, the finality of a remodel and the big gulp of change being shoved down my throat is too much sometimes.  So I keep going- being thankful for what I have- family, friends, the girls, a career and the intelligence to appreciate all of them.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Challenge to You!!

No matter how many things go wrong or don't work out as planned, I just tell myself "It could always be worse."  When I see people on a daily basis who are homeless, who can't pay their bills, who have no one to care for them, who don't have coats, who are taken advantage of, who don't have a sound mind, who are sick and can't afford to see a doctor, who are lost in our system, who don't believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny because their life has been terribly miserable by age five, my problems are minimal.  I challenge everyone reading this to step up and help out any way you can.  Whether that is serving a meal at a shelter, making sure kids have coats, volunteering at an animal shelter, donating your time and not just your money to make sure people are taken care of and NEVER SETTLING to hear "That's just the way it is..." as an answer to some of these problems.  GET INVOLVED!!!  This is my challenge to you- ignorance is not bliss and ignoring problems only allows them to exist.