Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You gotta have friends...

It's kind of funny when you look back and realize who has been with you through the years and who hasn't...funny after-the-fact.  Friends are wonderful people to have around.  Some people are better at being one than others.  Sometimes they are meant to be in our lives for a short time while some we can never get rid of.  There are friends who are only around when there is drama and those who steer clear of it.  There are friends who like to be casual and there are those who are in-depth with their friendship.  Sometimes they fit into your puzzle of life and sometimes they don't.  I choose to think there is a reason someone has entered your life and there is always something to be learned. Today people choose to use tweeting, emailing, texting etc. to connect with friends.  Whatever happened to writng a letter to a friend who doesn't live near?  What happened to in-depth discussions with your best girlfriend instead of texting each other?  Are we all "too busy" in life to put forth the effort anymore? 

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